Session 9.pdf - RESEARCH ETHCS What\u2019s Research Ethics \u25aa Ethics is concerned with distinguishing between right and wrong human actions \u25aa Research

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What’s Research Ethics? Ethics is concerned with distinguishing between right and wrong human actions. Research ethics is a field of ethics that systematically analyzes the ethical and legal questions raised by research involving human subjects. Research ethics is defined here to be the ethics of the planning, conducting, and reporting of research. It is clear that research ethics should include: protections of human and animal subjects .
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Historical Background World War II: Nazi Doctors’ Experimentation: Nuremberg Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Alabama ( 1932 1972 ) The Belmont Report (1979) Reading assignment
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1. Honesty Strive for honesty in all scientific communications. Honestly report data, results, methods and procedures, and publication status. Do not fabricate, falsify, or misrepresent data. Do not deceive colleagues, granting agencies, or the public. 2. Openness Share data, results, ideas, tools, resources etc. Be open to criticisms, opinions and new ideas 5
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3. Objectivity Strive to avoid bias in experimental design, data analysis, data interpretation, peer review, personnel decisions, grant writing, expert testimony, and other aspects of research where objectivity is expected or required. Avoid or minimize bias or self-deception. Disclose personal or financial interests that may affect research. 4. Integrity Keep your promises and agreements. Act with sincerity. Strive for consistency of thought and action. 6
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5. Carefulness Avoid careless errors and negligence. Carefully and critically examine your own work and the work of your peers. Keep good records of research activities, such as data collection, research design, and correspondence with agencies or journals. 6. Responsible Publication Publish in order to advance research and scholarship, not to advance just your own career. Avoid wasteful and duplicative publication. 7
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