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Environmental and Food Microbiology Intro Grading Rubric score Comments Analysis/Content/ Appropriateness 2 pts 3 pts 2pts 2pts (total 9 pts) Topic sentence present that explains overall purpose of environmental and food microbiology labs - Bact are found in environment and can contaminate food and water - Organisms present can result in food poisoning/disease Overview of importance of experiments: - MPN- look for the presence of coliforms - Indicates possible sewage/soil contamination of water - Estimate number of microbes in milk and food products -Can all be determined using various biochemical (fermentation) and dilution techniques The techniques employed in this lab to elucidate various aspects of microbial numbers :MPN test involving fermentation in lactose broths; dilutions of various soil samples followed by plating on selective medias; dilutions of beef to identify the presence of viable bacteria in food; the methylene blue test to assess the sanitary quality of milk Summary sentence
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Rubricenvirintro - Environmental and Food Microbiology...

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