Entomology Test Three

Entomology Test Three - Entomology Test Three Ticks/Mites o...

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Ticks/Mites o Class Arachnida o Four pairs of legs o Lack antennae o Two body regions. o Order Acari (Acarina) o Ticks- have to have a host o Mites- may have a host or may be free living. o Distinctions Size- in general, ticks are usually larger than mites Outside Body Covering- ticks have a leathery exoskeleton similar to beetles. Mites have a membranous exoskeleton which is thin. Hypostomes- ticks always have a toothed hypostome. Mites may or may not have a hypostome, and it never has teeth. Haller’s Organ- ticks always have this and mites never do. Biology- all ticks are parasites, some mites are parasites. o Family Augasidae (Soft Ticks)/ Family Ixodidae (Hard Ticks) o Differences Argasidae Ixodidae Capitulum (Head) Located Ventrally Located Anteriorly Dorsal Shield Always absent Always present Spiracular plate Located between legs three and four Located behind leg four o Anatomy o Capitulum “head” Chelercae- two dorsomedial- allow tick to cut through skin. Palps- two lateral- sensory structures don’t enter wound. Hypostome- one ventral medial. Underneath chelircae. Have backwards teeth. Basis Capitulum- One Dorsal plate. Chelercae and hypostome form the biological soda straw together. Ticks are not host specific. Ticks have a painless bite. Ticks have a very powerful salivary secretion and digestive juice. Enzymes digest host tissue in area of bite. All material is sucked up. Unlike insects, all ticks feed on blood and other tissues. May take ten twelve days to feed. May only feed one time. Take in
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Entomology Test Three - Entomology Test Three Ticks/Mites o...

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