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AFAS Mid-Term 1. According to Hayes discuss several theoretical approaches underlying the development of Black Studies. -There are several different underlying theoretical approaches which define the development of Black Studies as a whole . Each approach is a building block in the overall development of the study of African American culture . The first theoretical approach is a building block because it deals with the critics of Black Studies who claim that it over-stretches the bounds of extending political correctness . According to Hayes, “The critics of both multiculturalism and Black Studies have linked the concepts with the concurrent controversy surrounding ‘political correctness’ on campuses and in public school curricula” (Hayes 24) . In other words, they state that Black Studies pushes for more political correctness in society rather than focusing on the history and culture of the Africana experience which is advertised . Afrocentrism completely denies that notion, placing mass importance upon their rituals and traditions . It is known as a cultural and educational movement . The second theoretical approach to explaining the underlying development of Black Studies is the understanding of the need to emphasize the truly important flaws of society rather than simply stating over and over again that inequality exists . The author attempts to explain that the constant overstressing of the need for equality is instead creating a gap between blacks and whites which is divided by, “sharply divergent levels of skills, learning and access to educational opportunities” (Hayes 25) . The things which are holding African-Americans back nowadays in society are not in fact the direct
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inequalities in opportunity or treatment, but instead the lack of equality in education which has become a trend over past generations and continues to be negative . This is similar to the ideals preached by Corporate Multiculturalism, which “seeks to highlight the cultural and social diversity of America’s population” (Hayes 26) . Another approach in understanding the foundations of Black Studies includes the “future of race and ethnicity within American society itself . The question of difference within any society or culture is always conjunctural, ever-changing, and conditional” (Hayes 25) . Liberal Multiculturalism follows along similar lines as it does not see the necessity in challenging the authority of education systems, but instead takes a much larger focus upon viewing society as a whole and considering ideology and curriculum theory as important indicators of the progress of society . Overall, there are many different foundations of the underlying theoretical pieces of Black Studies . They lie in the many different translations of history as well as the need for continuation of culture and tradition . With the continuing rise of multiculturalism, Black Studies will only continue to gain strength as a whole and continue progressing positively
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AFAS midterm - AFAS Mid-Term 1. According to Hayes discuss...

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