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Lecture Exam 4 - I. Psychopathology Psychopathology...

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I. Psychopathology Psychopathology Scientific study of emotional and behavioral disorders Etiology Study of cause…what caused the disorder? Treatment Process of treating a disorder Guidebook for the diagnosis and measurement of psychological disorders Benjamin Rush- First psychiatrist(MD) -Psychiatrist, trained as physicians, can prescribe psychiatric drugs and do psychotherapy Lightner Witmer- First clinical psychologist(PhD) -Psychologists emphasize environment more than psycho disorder B. Insanity Defense -Not psychological or psychiatric term, rather a legal term II. Anxiety Disorders Phobic Disorders Irrational fear of a specific object of situation Simple Phobia Fear of some physical aspect of envoirnment (fear of heights, claustrophobia, color) Social Phobia Fear of certain social situations in which the person cannot escape, scrutinized by other people (agoraphobia, public speaking) *ATLEAST HALF EXAM QUESTIONS COME FROM PSYCHOPATHOLOGY Phobia.com—all documented by 2 or more physicians or psychologists SANTACLAUSTROPHOBIA is answer to a question on EXAM ROFL Agoraphobia Fear of the marketplace—fear of open, public places (from which escape may be difficult) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Anxiety characterized by obsessions and/or compulsions Obsessions Unwanted repetitive thoughts (violence, contamination, self-doubt) lady drowning her baby, lady thinking how much her parents hate her. Best way to get rid of obsessions: engage in compulsions Compulsions Repetitive actions designed to get rid of the obsessions (counting and washing) lady writing her daughters name over and over again, she had to drive certain ways on the streets
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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Severe anxiety resulting from the re-experience of a traumatic event (nightmares, sexual assaults, car accidents) -Totally understandable thing if you experience a crazy traumatizing event(LONG TERM 15months +) III. Somatoform Disorders A. Physical symptoms in the absence of physical cause Hypochondriasis Normal bodily sensations are misinterpreted as symptoms of disease(convinced they are right, and doctors are wrong) question you never ask hypochondriasis “how are you” 1. Preoccupation with health and disease 2. “Sick Role” as causal agent (people being obsessed with having something wrong w/ them or their baby) EMINEM is answer to a question on EXAM ROFL Conversion Disorder Pseudo-Organic Disorder Paralysis, loss of sensory functions or pain, false pregnancy or seizures, blindness, deafness(caused by brain) 1. Onset often after extreme pschyosocial stress or trauma(witness a muder become blind) 2. Glover or sock anesthesia IV. Dissociative Disorders A. Dramatic disruption or dissociation in a person’s memory, identity or consciousness Dissociative Amnesia Sudden loss of memory produced by intolerable trauma
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Lecture Exam 4 - I. Psychopathology Psychopathology...

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