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Djibouti Research Paper - Bedrick 1 Republic of Djibouti...

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Bedrick 1 Republic of Djibouti -1. INTRODUCTION TO DJIBOUTI -Basic Information Regarding Djibouti The Republic of Djibouti is a Republic territory located on the continent of Africa. It became an independent nation in 1977. Plagued by internal issues including civil war and recent weather which has failed to sustain crop growth, Djibouti has found itself in need of outside assistance from mediators in order to slow its quickly growing monetary debt to outsiders. Boasting a small population of roughly 496,374 individuals, Djibouti takes up about the same amount of space as Massachusetts (CIA World Factbook, 2007). Djibouti is located directly on the Red Sea and is known as a prime location for shipping goods into and out of Africa. The United States has erected a military base in Djibouti which is the only one such in sub-Saharan Africa. -Other Information and Observations Since Djibouti is located in a valuable trade-zone and follows unrestricted free trade policies, it would seem that almost all individuals worked in the import and export business. Instead, according to the CIA World Factbook, over 60% of the population is unemployed. The lack of available jobs is blatant as the median age in Djibouti is roughly 18.2 years (CIA World Factbook, 2007). The official languages are French and Arabic, which demonstrates the heavy change that the territory has seen throughout its short history. -2. SITE AND SITUATION OF DJIBOUTI -Site and Situation The site portion of the term refers to the physical and cultural characteristics and attributes of the place itself (Fellmann, Getis, Getis, and Malinowski 2005, p. 105). Djibouti is
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Bedrick 2 an area which does not yet boast deep cultural roots, as it has been established a mere 31 years. The two main languages are French and Arabic while the main religion is Islam.
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Djibouti Research Paper - Bedrick 1 Republic of Djibouti...

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