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Meredith Sammons 2-17-08 PID-711840212 Anth 101 recitation Reading: Cook, Urban Language in a Rural Setting Pp: 91-99 [CP] Study Questions 1) What is the background of this study (What is the location? Who are the principle members discussed? What is the study about?) The location is in South Africa, and the members of the study are from a community called Phokeng. The article addresses how Cook investigated the “styles and values” of urban language (of Setswana) is mirrored through their language. 2) How does language mirror society in this article? The language is a direct mirror in this society because it illustrates how people in rural areas, in order to “keep up” or just stayed informed, or even just became exposed to the styles and culture of urban areas. They “immolate,” as Cook says, through their use of language- in its style and format and use in their community. The Phokeng community, one of “modest income” identifies using the styles of urbanites (more affluent: BMW’s, hairstyles, etc) with affluence for
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