Quiz 4 - Ovid’s Argo 17:21:00 ← Jason’s Labors ←...

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Unformatted text preview: Ovid’s Argo 07/11/2007 17:21:00 ← Jason’s Labors ← • Bulls of Hephaistos ←-fire-breathing bulls ← • Dragon’s teeth ←-from which men grew out of ← • Jason as exogamic suitor; mastery of agriculture ←-traditional theme is underlying in the different variations of the golden fleece story ←-it’s an old tale; goes back to Homer and Hesiod ← Dealing with the dragon that’s guarding the fleece ←-versions where Medea gets more credit for killing the dragon than Jason does ← ← Return Home ← • Murder of brother Apsyrtus ←-Medea’s brother; chasing the Argonauts to get Medea to return to homeland (so she’s punished for helping the Argonauts) ←-Medea and brother meet in secret to negotiate; Jason jumps out and kills him ←-impious, crime against the family and crime against the gods (to kill someone in course of peaceful negotiations) ←-another version where King Aietes is chasing the Argonauts; Medea’s brother is on the ship with her (he was a baby in this version) and she chops him up and throws him in the sea; Aietes has to stop to collect the pieces in order to bury him, losing the pursuit) ← • Visiting Circe; Purification ←-of blood guilt ←-Circe is Medea’s aunt ← • Visiting Libya ←-idea of people trying to get them as part of their country/area’s history ←-the weirdest thing about the visit to Libya is that they carried their ship across the desert of Libya ← • Crete and Bronze Talus ←-bronze monster that ran around island of Crete throughout the course of the day looking out for ships and if saw any would try to sink them by throwing rocks ←-he sees them, starts to throw rocks; his weakness is a single vein where ichor flows and he can be hurt (the rest of him is metallic) ←-Medea stares him down and puts a spell on him; he stumbles on a rock, hits his hell (where the vein is) on a rock, and the ichor flows out of him and he collapses ← ← The Fleece (why are they doing it?) ← • Impossible quest ←-king sends him on this impossible task to get rid of him because hears cousin with one sandal will take over ← • Dynastic symbol ←-symbol of divine authority that a king has; ← • Initiation rite; Rite of passage ←-most of them are young men, so this is a rite of passage of sorts they go on to prove their manhood and prove that they are heroes in a mythical sense, Greek sense of that word ← • Anger of Phrixus or Zeus ←-Phrixus almost sacrificed by his father and a ram takes his place; anger of Zeus that Phrixus was almost sacrificed; but doesn’t sound right: you’d think it’d be that Zeus is angry because Phrixus wasn’t sacrificed ←-Version that Phrixus was angry, not Zeus; Phrixus was killed by king Aietes so thinks he doesn’t deserve the fleece and sends descendents of his to get it ←-makes more sense that Zeus is angry because Aietes broke xenia ← • Panning for gold with a ram’s skin in the river Phasis near Colchis ←-never hear what happens to the fleece after it gets to Greece ←...
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Quiz 4 - Ovid’s Argo 17:21:00 ← Jason’s Labors ←...

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