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Kim Eden Neugarten Classical Mythology, Trad. 104 November 7, 2007 The role of women in ancient Greece was considered to be dissimilar to that of Greek men. In many tragedies, women were depicted as revealing insights on how women are treated and thought of in society of Greek mythology. Euripides’ Greek plays Medea and Alcestis contain several well-written, complex, female characters and each female character takes the role of the villain or the role of victim. The roles of women in Medea and Alcestis are portrayed as unconventional because of their willingness to not be traditional woman in a male dominant world compared to those in ancient Greek life. The Greek tragedy, Medea , is a drama of a woman who is scorned and plans for tactful revenge. The era that Medea takes place in, is a society who often placed woman into subservient roles such as not letting them own property or work only in the household. In the play Medea , the women challenge traditional customs of Greece by acting rebellious. Euripides displays this mutiny in the character Medea, which shows her untraditional characteristics in her role of a woman. Medea is very stubborn and opinionated which proves to this unconformity of ancient Greece. Conventionally, women are divided into two roles, the mother and the wife, and nothing more. Medea defies the societal view of gender by displaying both female and male characteristics. Medea’s character is very powerful because of her ability of displaying female and male characteristics. Medea expressed these characteristics by showing no emotion, resembling a man, when it came to killing her children and taking control of the family. In ancient Greece, woman
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Essay 2 - Kim Eden Neugarten Classical Mythology Trad 104...

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