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Study Guide Archaeology - Anth 101 – Archaeology Study...

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Unformatted text preview: Anth 101 – Archaeology Study Guide People to know (importance, impact on archaeology) from Lecture: • Nabonidus, last king of Babylon • Thomas Jefferson • CB Moore • Nels Nelson • AV ‘Ted’ Kidder • James A Ford • Walter Taylor • Lewis Binford • Kathleen A Deagan Ideas from Lecture: • Overall trends in archaeology (long list from lecture, be familiar with it) • Post-processual view of the environment and counter-arguments (social power argument) • David Thomas’ ideas on culture • Classical (Old World) Archaeology versus American Archaeology • Techniques used in archaeology – survey, excavation, floatation, mapping, etc. • Archaeological specialties Terms to know (definition, importance to archaeology) from Lecture: • Archaeology • Archaeological Record • Archaeological site • Artifact • Ecofact • Feature • Mound • Stratigraphic technique (aka: principle of stratigraphy, law of superposition, or stratigraphy) • Midden • Aerial reconnaissance • Processual archaeology (definition, concept, trends) • Post-processual archaeology (definition, concept, trends) • Hearth • Lithic • Venus figurine • Radiocarbon dating • Shaman • Ways of subsistence: hunting-gathering, herding/pastoralism, farming – horticulture versus farming versus industrialized farming • Clovis point •...
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Study Guide Archaeology - Anth 101 – Archaeology Study...

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