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STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM I: ARH 319 Introduction to American Art The exam will be held in class on Wednesday, February 20. You do not need to bring blue books. No notes or study aids may be used during the exam. The exams will be returned on Wednesday, February 27. Section I: Slide Identification and Discussion Five slides will be selected from the list below. You will have five minutes for each slide. Fully identify each work with the artist, title, and date. Write a paragraph or two that places the work of art in context. (25 minutes: 40 points possible) Florentine Codex , 1570 Theodore de Bry, A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia , 1590 Jacques le Moyne, French Settler and Indian Chief visit Ribaut’s Column , c. 1570
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ARH 319 Spring 2007Study Guide for Exam I 2 John White, Village of Secoton , c. 1585 France Bringing the Faith to the Indians of New France , c. 1675 Thomas Smith, Self-Portrait , c. 1680 Justus Kuhn, Henry Darnell III as a Child , 1710 John Smibert,
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EXAM I studyguide - STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM I ARH 319...

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