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Anthro ExamIII Review

Anthro ExamIII Review - Anthro Exam Review Exam III Review...

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Anthro Exam Review Exam III Review: Linguistics Understand the contributions of the following people to the study of anthropological linguistics: Max Müller- claimed language as a physical science focus to find history of language through history of people Noam Chomsky- difference b/t human and non-human communication capacities human lang are more alike than different language varies and their diversity is infinite Chomsky’s Generative Grammar: lang has a set of rules lang is inheritable innate device lang=part of our biology Ferdinand Saussure- Structural Linguistics: assumed as single reality/existence diachronic -   changes in a linguistic system between successive points in time synchronic - linguistic system as it exists at one point in time without reference to its history Edward Sapir Benjamin Whorf there is not a single reality/existence culture=meaning languages have varied meanings-never a direct translation George Mead Know these terms and their significance to anthropological linguistics: larynx pharynx basicranium lateralization Broca’s area grammar syntax morphology phonology phonetics semantics memory: o episodic o procedural o semantic Linguistic Relativity
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o experiential Issues to understand from your readings: Leakey: How do physical anthropologists view the importance of language and its relationship to culture? Language=defining point of culture. According to Leakey,
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Anthro ExamIII Review - Anthro Exam Review Exam III Review...

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