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9.11.07 NTR 448 Quiz #1 Outline LECTURE 1- HEALTH IN AMERICA - Identify what makes a community. An interdependent social unit consisting of individuals with a common life that share agreed upon commonalities, values, language. - Describe the three core functions of Public Health. Assessment- collection/analysis of info. on community health Policy development- create strategies/laws to serve the public interest Assurance- Let members know about available services to meet goals - Name the three times where prevention can occur in a disease process and give an example of each. Primary- Risk factor modification: BF support, promotion Secondary- Screen before symptomatic: GTT for pregnant women Tertiary- Treat/minimize once occurred: Vitamin C after scurvy - Differentiate between the three types of interventions. Individual- Singly/groups. Change in personal processes Community- Chance in general area through economic conditions, resources, etc. Systems- Change in legislation, taxes, etc. -After studying, try and fill out the chart below (in case you haven’t noticed, very similar to chart in power point) using your own examples/wording and without referring to your notes. PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITY
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SYSTEMS - Describe the present state of health care in the U.S. and some reasons in favor of implementing universal health care. Only industrialized nation without health insurance. To decrease years of illness, decrease health care costs, most diseases now can be prevented. - Name some ways to encourage health promotion. Healthy public policies, environments, health services. - Name some determinants of health status and more specifically, some environmental mediators of health status. Biology, lifestyle, social conditions, community, background, etc. Adverts, large portion marketing, lack of places to walk, Internet, etc. - Know the BMI requirements for different weight status. Under- <18.5, healthy- 18.5-24.9, over- 25-29.9, obese- 30+ - Be aware of the trends/impact of tobacco use and physical activity in the U.S. Tobacco up then down in ‘80’s. Decreases life span, causes lung cancer, increases health care costs. Physical not so much in U.S., reduces risk of some cancers. - Describe the “Illness Burden Shift”.
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test#1reviewq+as - 9.11.07 NTR 448 Quiz#1 Outline LECTURE 1...

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