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ntr case 8 - A Nutrition diagnosis of food and nutrition...

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NTR 341 Case Study #8 S: Patient’s wife has been avoiding the use of butter and fried foods in meals, Generally good nutrition, smokes 1 pack of cigarettes per day. Allergic to Sulfa drugs. Patient notes an episode of emesis and nausea. O: 61 y.o. Male dx: occluded right distal coronary artery, angioplasty Med Hx: coronary angiography, cholesystectomy 10 yrs ago, appendectomy 30 yrs ago Ht: 5’10”, Wt: 185#, IBW: 166#, %IBW: 111%, BMI: 26.5, overweight Labs: 10/16 Glucose 136, Cholesterol 220, LDL 160 Diet Order: TLC diet modified for lower sodium intake Meds: Chewable Aspirin, Heparin, Lisinopril, Nitro-Bid, NTG Est. Needs: 1700 kcal/day
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Unformatted text preview: A: Nutrition diagnosis of food and nutrition related knowledge deficit related to poor food selections and referral to cardiac rehabilitation as evidence by high glucose levels, high cholesterol levels, and high LDL levels. P: Nutrition intervention of Initial/ Brief Nutrition Education Goals: Educate Pt on proper food selections for a 1700 kcal diet and provided Pt with printed material and RD name and phone # to call with questions. Goals: Educate Pt on recommended fat intake and will adjust Pt’s diet to meet Pt’s preference and tolerance. Goal: Will continue to follow and assist with nutrition care as needed....
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