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oct22 - -First scary happens then physiological response...

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Sheet1 Page 1 EMOTIONS: Emotion" }A feeling, or affect, that can invoke: +Physiological arousal +Conscious experience +Behavioral expression }550 words for emotions in English. }Robert Plutchik +8 Primary Emotions- +Fear +Suprise +Sadness +Disgust +Anger +Anticipation +Joy +Acceptance }These primary emotions vary by intensity: [Annoyance]------>[Anger]------>[RAGE] }Emotion vs. Mood +Moods last a lot longer. Theories of Emotion: }Does your heart pound because you are afraid. ...or are you afraid because you feel your heart pounding? James-Lange Theory: -First ape, then pounding heart, then fear.
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Unformatted text preview: -First scary happens, then physiological response, then emotion. Cannon-Bard Theory:-First ape, then arousal and emotion at same instant. 2 Factor Theory(Schachter and Singer):-First ape, then arousal and cognitive label at same instant, then emotion. THE BRAIN : LIMBIC SYSTEM The Amygdala: }Almond shaped clusters that influence emotions(anger and fear) +Rhesus monkeys +Domestic felines The Hypothalamus: }Maintenence duties such as hunger, thirst, temperature, etc. +Also influential with "pleasure" centers of brain. +Rats and stimulation....
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