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Suggested%20Problems%20_4 - 130(6 155(h 169 171(f 196 199(e...

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Suggested Problems #4 for Chemistry 3A For instructions on how to interpret the numbering system below, see Suggested Problems #1. 9/19/07 From the Exambook Conformations and Newman Projections 9(4), 10(c), 47(5a,b), 49(a-c), 75(e,f), 90(6a,b), 116(k), 129(5a, b),
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Unformatted text preview: 130(6), 155(h), 169, 171(f), 196, 199(e), 220(f,g), 227(d), 228(e,f), 248(d). From Vollhardt Conformations Chapter 2: 18,19,36,49....
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