Suggested Problems - 82(h 105(a the first box c the second box 106(a,b 107(b,c 112(a 113 114(boxes A and B 115(g 144(c first second and fifth boxes

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Suggested Problems #12 for Chemistry 3A For instructions on how to interpret the numbering system below, see Suggested Problems #1. 11/08/07 From the Chemistry 3 Exambook Alcohols PBr 3 is a reagent used for converting alcohols to alkyl bromides. Therefore, even though I did not mention it in class yet, if you see it in a predict the product, now you know what to do with it. It will not be on midterm 2. There are not many nomenclature questions in the questions below because I assigned most of them in Suggested Problems # 8. 19(d), 20(c), 27(a-c), 29(b,d), 32(a), 37(e), 60(h), 66(a,b), 67(a,d),
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Unformatted text preview: 82(h), 105(a: the first box; c: the second box), 106(a,b), 107(b,c), 112(a), 113, 114(boxes A and B), 115(g), 144(c: first, second and fifth boxes), 145(a,c), 146(a,b), 147(c,d), 149(a), 154, 155(b,e), 176(b,c), 177(a,b), 183, 192(c), 210(a,b,d), 213(a), 216(a), 237(a: first box; b: the second one), 238(a,b), 240(a), 243(a: first box), 245(g), 246(m), 247(c). From Vollhardt’s book Alcohols Chapter 8: 1-3, 5,7,9-18, 21, 22(b,d,e), 27, 30-32, 34(a,b), 35-38, 41, 42, 48-50, 57-60....
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