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Suggested Problems #5 for Chemistry 3A For instructions on how to interpret the numbering system below, see Suggested Problems #1. 9/26/07 Exambook problems Substituted cycloalkanes and bicyclic molecules. 5 (1b: the third one), 12(e-h), 13 (a,b), 36(c), 37(d), 42 (1a: the first two; 1b: the second two), 47(b), 50(7), 51(8), 81(f), 82(g), 84 (1a: the last two; 1b: the last two), 91(7), 92(a), 93(e,f), 120(a), 123(1a: first one; 1b: second one),131(7), 132(8), 133 (in part F, the second
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Unformatted text preview: sentence should read like this: Indicate how many different six-membered rings…), 162(c, e), 164(1a: second and third ones; 1b: second and third ones), 170, 171(e,g), 193(1a: the third one; 1b: first two), 195(c), 197, 219(a), 222(1a: the third one; 1b: the first one), 226, 229(1a: the third one; 1b: the third one), 230(a,c,d), 246(k,o,p). Vollhardt's Book Substituted cycloalkanes and some nomenclature. Chapter 4: 8-10, 17-19, 23-25, 27, 31, 33, 34a, 40, 42a,b, 47-49....
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