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Suggested Problems #8 for Chemistry 3A For instructions on how to interpret the numbering system below, see Suggested Problems #1. 10/09/07 From the Chemistry 3 Exambook Stereochemistry #1 Some of the problems listed below involve alcohol nomenclature, which we have not encountered yet. However, to ensure that you have enough practice at R,S naming, use the following rules for alcohols. Find the longest chain of carbons that contain an OH function. Name the base chain by dropping the -e at the end of the alkane name and adding –ol. For rings, the number 1 carbon will always be the one with the OH attached to it. Give it a try (we will be
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Unformatted text preview: studying this later in the semester anyway); the most important thing you are working on here is assigning R,S properly. Even if you don’t get the alcohol name right, you should be able to get the R,S since it is independent of the name. 17(a,b), 18, 36(a,a,b), 53, 57(d), 61(a), 62, 77(a,b,d), 95, 101(b), 115(f), 135(a,b;c:the third box), 139(a), 140(f), 142(c,d), 155(i), 158(e,f), 174, 175, 180(a,c), 201, 207, 216(c), 219(b), 220(h), 221(I, J), 229(a: first two; b: first two), 230(b,e), 233(a,b), 247(a,b), 249(I,J,K,L,M)....
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