74-hw2 - MATH 74 HOMEWORK 2 DUE MONDAY 2/5 Formatting...

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MATH 74 HOMEWORK 2: DUE MONDAY 2/5 Formatting guidelines Last week you proved equations from axioms. This could be done in a mechanical manner, with few words. (Very few people get excited about this sort of thing, but explicitly showing how something simple follows from a list of axioms is part of upper division math life. When you are asked to prove something that seems “obvious,” it is probably what you’re supposed to do.) This week you prove more complicated statements— things of the form “if A, then B.” A proof of such a statement cannot be a long list of equations. It should be a written explanation of how B follows from A. You should write in complete, coherent English sentences. This does not mean write an essay. Just put enough words in that your homework could conceivably be read aloud without being confusing. Examples: the proof of Proposition 2 on p. 26 of Solow, or the proof of Proposition 5 on p. 39 of Solow. Notice how he writes in complete sentences although there are not very many words at all. Assume that I am familiar with the definition of any term or notation defined in the lecture outlines on my web page. (If you have just established that
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74-hw2 - MATH 74 HOMEWORK 2 DUE MONDAY 2/5 Formatting...

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