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exam1_2005 - INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY 131 FALL 2005...

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INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY 131 – FALL 2005 EXAMINATION #1 – OCTOBER 17 BLUE VERSION “B” Please give the BEST answer. 1. The anterior fontanelle is between what two bones? a. frontal and temporal b. ethmoid and zygomatic c. sphenoid and frontal d. parietal and frontal 2. Capillaries are lined with a. cubodial endothelial cells b. squamous endothelial cells c. columnar cells d. collagenous fibers 3. The external iliac becomes the femoral artery at the level of the a. 4 th lumbar vertebra b. sacroiliac joint c. inguinal ligament d. pubic tubercle 4. Which is not a bony attachment of the trapezius? a. humerus b. scapula c. clavicle d. occipital bone 5. Phlebitis is a condition concerned with a. plaques in the arteries b. inflammation of venous valves c. inflammation of the tunica intima in veins and blood clotting and is very painful d. inflammation in arteries 6. The renal and gonadal arteries come off the abdominal aorta between the a. superior mesenteric and esophageal b. superior mesenteric and inferior mesenteric c. common iliac and inferior mesenteric d. common iliac and internal iliac
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2 7. The tibia and fibula both articulate with the a. calcaneus b. talus c. first metatarsal d. femur 8. Which vessel (s) carries (y) oxygenated blood? a. pulmonary artery b. pulmonary veins c. superior vena cava d. internal jugular vein 9. Hemopoietic tissue forms a. only erythrocytes b. only leukocytes c. both a and b d. only platelets 10. Which of the following is incorrect? a. the apex of the heart is in the 5 th intercostal space b. the heart is the size of the spleen c. the heart is 2/3 to the right of the midline d. the base is inferior to the sternal angle 11. Which is not correct in the pelvic floor? a. the anus is between the coccyx and the median raphe b. the vagina is posterior to the urethra c. the urethra is between the vagina and the pubic bone d. the levator ani muscle originates from the ischium and the pubic bone 12. The vagus nerve provides a. sympathetic input to the heart b. increased speed to the heart beat c. the coronary sinus with innervation d. parasympathetic input to the heart which slows the beat 13. The mastoid process is a projection behind the ear and connects to the a. nasal cavity b. middle ear c. posterior orbit d. maxillary sinus
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exam1_2005 - INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY 131 FALL 2005...

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