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INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY 131 OCTOBER 15, 2007 EXAMINATION I. Version A -- Make sure "Test Form" is marked A on your Scantron as well as your Student ID Number . PART I. PLEASE CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER: 1. The patellar ligament inserts on the a. fibular tubercle b. epicondyle of the femur c. tuberosity of the tibia d. patella 2. Both the kidneys and the _______ each receive one-fourth of the cardiac output. a. stomach b. liver c. urinary bladder d. brain 3. A bone which contains a meatus is the a. frontal b. parietal c. temporal d. occipital 4. Which information is incorrect about dura mater? a. consists of hard bone b. surrounds brain and spinal cord c. venous blood flows through dural sinuses d. is made of dense connective tissue 5. Which is incorrect about the middle cerebral artery? a. gives off the arteries of stroke, the lenticulostriate arteries b. supplies the lateral side of the cerebral hemisphere c. if obstructed, can primarily affect sight d. if obstructed, can affect speech 6. Which is incorrect about the saphenous vein? a. is the longest vein in the body b. is on the medial side of the lower extremity c. flows into the femoral vein at the femoral triangle d. is a deep vein of the lower extremity
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2 7. A supinator turns the palm a. anteriorly b. medially c. posteriorly d. laterally 8. In the normal blood pressure reading of 120/80, the 120 stand for the a. diastolic force b. systolic force c. closure of the AV (atrioventricular) valves d. closure of the SL (semilunar) valves 9. What muscles close the jaw? a. masseter and temporalis b. orbicularis oris and orbicularis oculi c. sternocleidomastoid and trapezius d. zygomaticus and lacrimal 10. One effect of aging is a loss of _____ from bones which may results in osteoporosis.
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