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History 479 Lecture Notes - History 479 Lecture Notes Very...

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History 479 Lecture Notes Very little information about the rise of the Ottoman’s, some speculation, mostly oral history o Lack of contemporary information and bias views from those who did wrote (both their enemies and the Ottoman’s themselves) o What are the facts and how do we know them? Can’t escape bias. Point of view extremely important What does the bias show us about the history? o Different factions will tell us different attitudes and perspective – agendas o Issue particularly prominent in origins because of such minimal number of facts: importance because origins often reveal a lot of rest of history Europeans often viewed premise/core of Ottomans to be holy war when military might/religion declined, the empire fell with it o Main POV of those who fought the Ottomans Many Ottomans had the same idea holy war basis of ideology (success or failure of empire dependent on that of holy war) Many felt they had noble heritage themselves – great Turkish kingdom from antiquity many modern Turks have picked up this ideology o Went from nomads to extremely successful expansion of empire that to them validated their rule o Similar to Muslim empire progression (Arabia); similarly validated their authority 6 th Century – Turkish empire in Siberia (nomadic, where horses were) beginning of expansion when fro, central Asia. Huge empire, not long lasting known as Gokturk empire, nomadic federation o Western empire gets conquered, Eastern survives longer 8 th century Islamic empire expanded all over where they met the Turks o Two concepts of holy war: Jihad – Defensive war Gaza (ghaza) – offensive war o On East border with Turks, many taken as slaves and converted them to Islam or used as bodyguards, many eventually became high ups High amount of assimilation amongst Turks, eventually war between them became simply war Turks become Islamic by the 9 th /10 th century Turks enter and conquer the Muslim realm: Seljuk Turks o Captured Baghdad and settled to become rulers of the Islamic empire. Under Seljuks caliph began to gain back religious power
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History 479 Lecture Notes - History 479 Lecture Notes Very...

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