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Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men by Eric Foner Introduction o ‘Revisionist’ idea – “insisted that the social and economic differences between the sections were not nearly so important as Beard and Cole had suggested, and were certainly not great enough to lead necessarily to war. Only the inability to political leaders to cope with essentially compromisable problems ” (Foner 3) o ‘Irrepresible Conflict” idea – Initially, desribed the civil war as the inevitable outcome of the economic and social conflict between the north and south. Later, the theory emphasized the moral aspects of slavery more. o Problem: How is it possible to figure out the feeling of the majority of the nation, since we only have data from a bias few? “The Republicans’ rapid rise to power could never have been achieved had their ideology not incorporated many of the basic values of the northern public” (Foner 8)
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Unformatted text preview: o At the center of the Republican ideology was the notion of Free Labor (Foner 9) o Republicans also believed in the existence of a Slave Power which had seized control of the federal government and was attempting to pervert the constitution for its own purposes. (Foner 9) Chapter 1: Free Labor; The Republicans and Northern Society o The concept of free labor lay at the heart of the Republican party (Foner 11) the glorification of Labor provided a much needed theme of unity (Foner 12) The idea of free labor was crucial to the north. The idea was that through social mobility, one had the ability to work for more than simply wage labor. By being stuck working wage labor ones entire life, they are practically a slave. This idea of social mobility and labor (meaning all of the productive class) is integral to American society....
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