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adaptation - thinking of different storylines to go off of...

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Ryan Donaldson April 25, 2005 Journal- Adaptation After watching the film “Adaptation”, I began to realize all of the important elements of writing that contribute to a piece so it can be finally labeled as finished. I mostly related to Charlie Kauffman who plays the nervous, insecure screenwriter who is trying to write a film regarding a story around orchid flowers. Throughout the film, Charlie had many voiceovers during the scenes where he would be trying to think or to write, and that is where he began gathering most of his ideas. I have a similar writing process that I perform whenever I am about to sit down to write a big piece. He would talk about different possibilities in his head, and he would think of different ways of presenting the scene he was writing, and eliminating one idea at a time as he saw it fit. One example of this came when he was alone in his house at night time, and he was
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Unformatted text preview: thinking of different storylines to go off of, as he started getting more excited about it, he began to record his thoughts aloud into a tape recorder. There were so many different angles to take, he was confused and couldn’t find it inside of him to choose one and go from there. It was so difficult for him to get it right, that it took more than just his recordings or his thoughts to finally be successful in his planning. This is another element of his character that I recognized with during the film because almost all the time, inner thoughts and ideas are not enough to get to whatever goal your trying to get to. Charlie Kauffman was able to teach an important element of the writing process through his character in the movie “Adaptation”....
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