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Donaldson 1 Ryan Donaldson English 101- Montgomery December 7, 2004 An Equal Gender In Alice Munro’s Boys and Girls, a young girl is torn as she struggles to find an identity and role in her traditional family and society. Today, males and females are considered on the same level of equality. However, men still seem to fit the traditional role of the working half of a couple, while the women are stereotypically occupying themselves indoors and around the house. Many may argue against that statement, and although most refuse to look at that stereotype, it is hard to deny that it still exists today. The narrator in this story is a young girl who remains unnamed, for all intentional reasons. I believe the author leaves her unnamed to symbolize that she is different from other girls because of her desire to become more than a housewife. It is very symbolic to give her no name. By leaving her unnamed, she is trying to get across her point of view that women are still not identified as an equal. The narrator enjoys the outdoors and doing the work that would normally be associated with men, and dislikes staying where her mother resides indoors in the kitchen mainly. However, this girl wishes not to fall under the expectations of society. This simply means she is motivated not to end up like her mother, but to strive for more and challenge herself to become
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Donaldson 2 somebody who is unique, enjoys life and works as an equal to men. As an active member of today’s developing society, I feel the narrator that Munro creates is meant to inspire not only women to become more, but also for any of those who still may doubt the ability of a female in any aspect. In the world today, it can be very difficult for a girl to
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boyzandgirlz - Donaldson 1 Ryan Donaldson English 101...

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