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Page 1 of 3 To: Class of English 102 From: Jamila Pierce Date: February 19 th , 2008 Subject: Media Influence On Body Image In Teenage Girls Introduction: The media has been responsible for exposing the general public to current trends, fads and styles throughout the years, so it is not surprising that many think it has contributed to the rising number of eating disorders in teenage girls over the years. The image shown of conventional “beauty” according to the media has presented young girls with nearly impossible standards of beauty, and therefore caused an increase in the drastic measures to meet said standards. The focus of this memo is a comparison and contrast between two articles: one scholarly, and one popular, both dealing with this issue. The first article is from the magazine Teen Vogue , and aptly titled, “Wannarexia.” The second, appeared both online and in print in the European Eating Disorders Review , and is titled, “Longer-Term Implications of Responsiveness to ‘Thin-Ideal’ Television: Support for a Cumulative Hypothesis of Body Image Disturbance?” Although differing in some aspects of context, target audience and style, both articles effectively address this current issue. Context: Looking at both articles through a purely objective perspective, the reader is quick to notice the differences in context between the two. The first article is titled: “Wannarexia,” written by Amelia McDonell-Parry. It was published in the February 2008 issue of Teen Vogue magazine. This article is popular, made apparent from the get go, as it appears in Teen Vogue , a popular periodical publication, and is presented as a secondary source, based upon research and statistics gathered over the years. Also evident, Teen Vogue
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Comp-Cont Memo Final - Page 1 of 2 To Class of English 102...

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