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NATS 104 Nutrition, Food and You MWF sections Exam 3 Spring 2008 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. The doctor has recently told Julie that her iron stores are low. Julie should consume ________ with her iron supplement to increase its absorption. A. a glass of orange juice B. a tablespoon of castor oil C. scrambled eggs D. a glass of milk 2. Which of the following is the BEST source of thiamin? A. green leafy vegetables B. milk C. citrus fruits D. whole grains 3. Pellagra is the deficiency disease associated with: A. folate. B. riboflavin. C. thiamin. D. niacin. 4. Which of the following conditions have vitamin B6 supplements been used to treat? A. high cholesterol B. premenstrual syndrome C. baldness D. hypertension 5. Which of the following explains why folate is critical to the health of a newly conceived embryo? A. Folate is essential for maintaining proper fluid balance. B. Folate is essential for heart function. B. Folate is needed for proper cell division . D. Folate regulates bone formation. 6. Vitamin B12 is essential for the proper functioning of: A. gastric (stomach cells) B. nerve cells. C. hepatic (liver cells) D. epithelial cells. 7. Research studies have consistently demonstrated an association between a reduced risk of cancer and: A. increased consumption of monounsaturated fatty acids. B. increased consumption of fruits and vegetables the use of vitamin C supplements. D. the use of beta-carotene supplements. 8.
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exam3c_answers - NATS 104 Nutrition, Food and You MWF...

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