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make peace with pot - Hallie Ritchie English 102 September...

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Hallie Ritchie English 102 September 12, 2007 Make Peace With Pot The issue of legalizing drugs has been a controversial one for quite some time. The United States has been a big advocator of harsh punishment for illegal possession. It’s one of the rare issues that both the Democrats and Republicans agree on. Many Americans agree with this view, however, it’s not a unanimous opinion. Eric Schlosser’s essay, along with his book ‘Reefer Madness’, are prime examples of his outlook on the laws and regulations surrounding marijuana. Schlosser is adamant about his stand on the legalization of marijuana in the United States. In 2004, when this essay was published, the Bush administration was at the peak of its “War on Marijuana.” Other countries, like Canada, Spain, Italy, etc., were easing up on their marijuana laws. There is a reason why Schlosser included this information in his essay, he believes that this is what the United States should do, and this is the way to convey that message to his audience by letting them come up with their own conclusion and without blatantly stating it. If that wasn’t enough, he provided some statistics and information to support his opinion: About 700,000 were arrested in the United States for violating marijuana laws in 2002- more than were arrested for heroin or cocaine. Those convicted of a marijuana felony, can be prohibited from receiving federal welfare payments or food stamps. Convicted murderers and rapists, however, are still eligible for those benefits… This year the White House’s national anti-drug media campaign will spend $170
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make peace with pot - Hallie Ritchie English 102 September...

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