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Name:Score: Electric Field Hockey Activity Objective:To understand how the electric force affects a given mass. Materials:Electric Field Hockey Simulation Procedure: 1)Go to the Physicslink on Moodle, and click on Electric Field Hockey.Then click “Run Now”. 2)Like charges _____________ and unlike charges _____________.The hockey puck is positive. Drag a positive charge out of the box in the upper right hand corner.Move it closer to the hockey puck.Notice the arrow coming from the puck.This represents the force on the puck. What happens to the size of this force, as you bring the charge closer to the puck? 3)Place the charge in the field so that it will push the puck into the goal.Click start and observe what happens.As the puck moves farther from the charge, what happens to the force on it? (You can hit reset and watch what happens again if you need to). 4)The tendency of an object to maintain its state of motion is _______________.To maintain its state of motion, an object will continue to move at the same ____________, in the same
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