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Sarah Anderson Sociology 100 Reaction Paper #1 01/30/08 The functionalists view family through strict guidelines and have five aspects of their approach. The parts of the functionalist approach are sexual regulation, economic cooperation, reproduction, socialization, and emotional support. In many ways, I think that my family shares the same views as the functionalist approach to family. As in many families, sexual regulation means that sex should only happen in the family and between a husband and wife. My family obviously feels the same way about this. Economic cooperation to the functionalists is how money is spent and making sure that money is spent wisely within the family. In my family both of my parents make sure to budget wisely and spend money on the necessary things that we need before we spend money on things like vacations or new toys.
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Unformatted text preview: Reproduction is regulated by families according to the functionalist view and my parents carefully decided when was the best time to begin having children. They made sure they were financially stable and that they could handle having children at that point in their lives, as will I when the time comes for me to have children. Functionalists believe that family is the best place to socialize children, and my parents made sure to pay a lot of attention to my sister and I as children and to make sure that we were loved and that we could react appropriately in social situations when the time was right. Lastly, emotional support is provided by the families and I have always felt that my family was a key example of this. I am very close to both my mother and my father and know that they would be there no matter what I needed....
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