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Grain Size vs. Permeability Sarah Anderson ISP203L Section 17 March 20, 2008 In this experiment our lab hypothesized that as grain size increased, so would permeability. Each group in the lab had a different grain size at their table. Through two different slopes with four trials each, each group calculated the permeability of their grain size. When all of the observations of the class were put together, we were able to come to a conclusion. Each group measured the surface area of the pipe, the length from elbow to elbow of the pipe that water would travel through, and the discharge of water. After measuring these we were able to solve the permeability equation for K which was the permeability.
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Unformatted text preview: We ran four trials to get an average measure of permeability and our groups results showed what we expected, that the discharge would be very slow through our very small grain size. After all the groups had found the average permeability of their grain size, we put the results into a graph that showed the results from each group’s grain size. Attached is that graph. After putting all the results into the graph, the class work showed that our hypothesis had been true. As grain size increased, so did the permeability. The graph clearly shows that as the grain size of each group grew, so did the average permeability....
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