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Research Paper prompt - Research Paper Length 8-10 pages...

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Research Paper Length: 8-10 pages, plus a works cited page Due Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 Percentage of Grade: 30% Introduction: The research paper is a standard part of the curriculum for almost every college major. This assignment will give you an opportunity to take a stance on a topic and support your position using a variety of materials. The goal of the assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to integrate outside ideas and opinions with your own arguments and for you to engage in an academic conversation with other researchers. Assignment: Choose a subject area from the possible topics below. Research the topic to find out what other people have already said and discovered about it. Then, narrow the topic down to a clearly defined thesis statement. Your thesis must argue a point and attempt to persuade your audience. Your research should include a variety of sources, including at least two academic, non-fiction books, one peer-
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