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Essay One Peer Review - confusing(Underline these areas of...

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Editing Workshop - Peer Review Writer’s name: Title of Essay: 1) Is the title of the essay original? Does it give any hint of what the essay will be about? 2) Read the introduction and underline the sentence or sentences that you think contain the thesis, or main idea, of the paper. Is it effective? Why or why not? 3) Did you notice any glaring grammatical errors or other problems? Are there places where the wording is
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Unformatted text preview: confusing? (Underline these areas of the draft, or circle smaller errors such as typing or spelling errors.) 4) Did the author respond to an essay using quotations and paraphrases? Did the author use enough evidence to support his or her point of view? 5) On the back of this paper, write at least one or two things you thought were good about this essay. JCoughlan - ENGL 1B - Spring 2008...
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