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JCoughlan - ENGL 1B – Spring 2008 Essay #1: Out-of-class Argument Paper Length: 5-6 pages, plus a works cited page Due Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 Introduction: By now you should have read Chapter 2 of our text, called “Reading Arguments.” In this chapter, two essays were presented highlighting different positions in the controversy about the growing use of genetic modifications of food. Now it is your turn to join this discussion in an attempt to find a productive solution to the problem. Assignment: Write an argumentative essay in response to either Lisa Turner’s article, “Playing with Our Food: Genetic Engineering and Irridation” or the Council for Biotechnology Information’s article, “Why Biotech Labeling Can Confuse Consumers.” State your own position on the issue and compare it to the arguments presented by one of the authors. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the justifications presented? You may use both articles as sources of information for your paper. No outside research is required, but you may find it helpful if you need
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Unformatted text preview: clarification of any terms or concepts that are unfamiliar to you. If you do consult outside sources, please be sure to give credit in your works cited page. Format and Grading Criteria: Essay should be in MLA format as discussed in class. See your handbook for more details. To receive full credit, your essay should meet the minimum page requirement of five full pages . Your essay should define the problem as you see it: what is the problem about genetically modified foods? Why is there uncertainty? Who is involved? You should state your own opinion on the topic clearly and support it with evidence from at least one of the articles in the form of summaries and quotations. All material should be cited in MLA format, which we will cover in class before the essay is due. In addition, your paper should be as close to error-free as you can get it. A works cited page is required for this essay. Do not use folders or binders. Staple your papers BEFORE class, please!...
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