The Catbird Seat

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Richard Krishnan Engl1A, Sec 4 Due: October 9, 2007 “The Catbird Seat” Summary and Response 1. What preconceptions about the disabled does Birnbaum assume his readers have? How can you tell? a. He assumes that most people will let people in wheelchairs get away with most anything to show that they are accommodating with their needs. 2. Why does Birnbaum wait until paragraph 16 to state his thesis? Should he have stated it sooner? Explain. a. He did this to build up to it. It has a great effect where it is because if it were placed earlier, then the paper would have nowhere else to build up to. 3. Birnbaum is aiming his essay at a general audience. How would his essay be different if he were addressing health-care professionals? Other people with disabilities? a. If he were aiming this essay at health-care professionals, then he would probably not mention all the law breaking he did thanks to the result they left him with. If it were being aimed at other people with disabilities, then
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