Way to Rainy Mountain

Way to Rainy Mountain - was begun Paraphrase The thick...

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Richard Krishnan Engl1A, Sec 4 September 13, 2007 “Way to Rainy Mountain” Paraphrase Original: A dark mist lay over the Black Hills and the land was like iron. At the top of the ridge, I caught sight of Devils Tower upthrust against the gray sky as if in the birth of time the core of the earth had broken, through its crust and the motion of the world
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Unformatted text preview: was begun. Paraphrase: The thick cloud of fog sat upon the Black Hills and more like dense lead. From the peak of the mountain, he saw the Devils Tower extending through the gloomy sky, like the beginning of all existence, the center of the world shattered, tore its largest layer and started the earth’s movement....
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