I Want A Wife - Secondly she lists all the needs she has and an ideal wife that would fulfill all these needs The last point is that the wife will

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Richard Krishnan Engl1A, Sec 4 Due: Nov 13, 2007 “I Want A Wife” Summary and Reflection 1. This essay was first published in Ms. Magazine. In what sense is it appropriate for the audience of this feminist publication? Where else can you imagine it appearing? a. Enrage the movement 2. Does this essay have an explicitly stated thesis? If so, where is it? If the thesis is implied, paraphrase it. a. Implied: wives seem like slaves 3. Do you think Brady really wants the kind of wife she describes? Explain. a. No, she is just insulting men In Judy Brady’s “I Want A Wife,” she starts by classifying herself as a wife and mother. She then mentions a friend who recently started looking for a new wife after his divorce and says she would like a wife as well. Following this, she describes all the reasons why she would want a wife. First off, her main detail is that she wants a wife that will work while she can go to school so that she can be independent or able to support those dependent on her.
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Unformatted text preview: Secondly she lists all the needs she has and an ideal wife that would fulfill all these needs. The last point is that the wife will quit her job when Brady is finished with school so that the wife can more fully take care of the family. The way Brady worded the story about her friend, the one who “is looking for another wife,” feels like he is not looking for love, but rather somebody to fulfill his needs. Every description of the wife she would like seems to be like the wife is just a slave, or a “stepford wife.” Brady doesn’t really want a wife like this; she is just insulting men and the way they try and get somebody to just do everything they want. She wrote this paper to enrage the masses in favor of the feminist movement. The movement was to progress women from what seemed like they were just there to do what men said. Women should be able to do what they want and not just be “a wife.”...
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