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On Dumpster Diving

On Dumpster Diving - he has learned as a scavenger Because...

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Richard Krishnan Engl1A, Sec 4 Due: August 28, 2007 “On Dumpster Diving” In “On Dumpster Diving,” a chapter of Eighner’s Travels with Lizbeth , Eighner tell of his source of goods and necessities of life and how he obtains them. He starts with letting the reader know that his preferred term for being Dumpster diver is a ‘scavenger’ and the ‘scrounger’ is one who just looks for cans to sell for what little cash they go for. They explanations of how to distinguish safe and unsafe food were thorough as was where and why he searched certain areas. Safety precautions were discussed and the role that his pet dog, Lizbeth, played was also scattered throughout. I believe the purpose of this chapter was to let any reader discover the tricks that
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Unformatted text preview: he has learned as a scavenger. Because he left out the details of how he went to college but dropped out after three years, the averagereader who lacked this background knowledge would just think that somewhere in his life, he got unlucky and feel sorry for him. However, a reader who knew this could just assume that he made a bad choice and messed up his own life and would not feel bad at all and think his suffering was brought upon himself. Through “On Dumpster Diving,” Eighner shows that he is satisfied with the lifestyle that he lives and encourages others to achieve the same....
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