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Richard Krishnan Engl1A, Sec 4 Due: October 9, 2007 “Just Walk On By” Summary and Response 1. What is Staple’s thesis? Does he state it or imply it? a. His thesis is that African American men are automatically prejudged to be threatening and are therefore avoided in the streets. This is implied. 2. Does Staples use logic, emotion, or a combination of the two to appeal to his readers? How appropriate is his strategy? a. He uses both logic and emotion, which is appropriate because it’s a double attack to make readers feel bad about what is going on. 3. What preconceptions does Staples assume his audience has? How does he challenge these preconceptions? a. He assumes the audience has the same notions as the people he encounters on the street and he challenges these by proving that he is not one of the “thugs” to fear. 4. What is Staples trying to accomplish with his first sentence? Do you think he succeeds? Why or why not? a.
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