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National ID Card Vocabulary

National ID Card Vocabulary - file containing detailed...

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Richard Krishnan English 1A, Section 4 Due: 09.27.07 National ID Card Vocabulary 1. Implanted – To set in firmly, as into the ground 2. Exploited – To make use of selfishly or unethically 3. Emboldened – To foster boldness or courage in; encourage 4. Mandatory – authoritatively ordered; obligatory; compulsory 5. Sanctity – sacred or hallowed character 6. Encrypt – to encipher or encode 7. Totalitarians – Of, relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed 8. Exquisite – extraordinarily fine or admirable; consummate 9. Dossier – a collection or file of documents on the same subject, esp. a complete
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Unformatted text preview: file containing detailed information about a person or topic 10. Seditious – of, pertaining to, or of the nature of sedition 11. Diatribe – a bitter, sharply abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism 12. Habeas corpus – a writ requiring a person to be brought before a judge or court 13. Intrusive – tending or apt to intrude; coming without invitation or welcome 14. Bureaucracies – the body of officials and administrators, esp. of a government or government department 15. Facilitate – to make easier or less difficult; help forward (an action, a process, etc.) 16. Perspective – a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface...
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