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The Wife-Beater - Does she believe a causal connection does...

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Richard Krishnan Engl1A, Sec 4 Due: Nov 13, 2007 “The Wife-Beater” Summary and Reflection 1. Why is Smith “disturbed” (5) by the name “wife-beater”? a. 2. In paragraph 3, Smith says, “The name is the issue”; in paragraph 11, she says, “It’s not just the name that worries me.” What does she mean by the statement? Does she contradict herself? a. 3. What relationship does Smith see between the name of a sleeveless undershirt and the prevalence of family violence?
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Unformatted text preview: Does she believe a causal connection does or could exist? If so, which is the cause, and which is the effect? a. 4. In paragraph 12, Smith acknowledges that the shirt can make both men and women look sexier. Does this remark in any way undercut her credibility? Explain. a. 5. How, according to Smith, does calling a shirt a wife-beater teach women the wrong thing about men (15)? a....
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