30 - fished and polluted • Forestry o Gathering v...

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Indv 102 30/01/2008 13:07:00 Commercial agriculture… Growing of crops or tending of livestock for the purpose of trade. o Characterized by specialization and interdependence (of producers  and buyers) o Marginal costs- activities that incur additional costs of labor, capital, or  other unit of expenditure to bring into existence an added unit of  production Location is KEY o Von Thunen Model: rent costs based upon productive potential of the  land and transportation costs associated with markets (the further you  travel away from the market the cheaper the land is) Climate plays an important role… Non-renewable resources (oil, diamonds) o Cannot be renewed in your lifetime Renewable resources (Fish, trees, water)  o Maximum sustainable yield Tragedy if the commons o Pollution and over fishing. . A common resource area that isn’t privately owned will get over 
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Unformatted text preview: fished and polluted. • Forestry o Gathering v. Lumbering Lumbering- To kill it Gathering- Don’t kill it Many products come from threes other than lumber Deforestation Major causes Formerly, 45% of the earths surface was covered in forest. Today, only 30% is. o Mineral Production Fuel and mineral uses Metallic- i.e. gold, silver and copper mining. Non-metallic- i.e. fuel sources like gas and oil Coal Pros: • Abundant and relatively cheap Cons: • Major pollutant • Transportation difficulties • Non-renewable Natural gas Clean burning and relatively abundant Major reserve areas located in the middle east and Russia Supplies roughly 25% of the global energy Difficult and very expensive to ship Non-renewable ←...
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30 - fished and polluted • Forestry o Gathering v...

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