310A Study Guide- Test One

310A Study Guide- Test One - Know& understand...

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310A Exam One Study Guide Be sure you know all of the in class activities! As you study, think about how to apply  the ideas to specific management situations.   Chapter One What do managers do? Management Functions, Skills, and Roles Concept: Differences between independent vs. dependent variables + Effective vs. Efficient productivity Empowering People Turnover Conceptual skills, technical skills, human skills Manager Organization Organizational behavior Forces for change in organizations today Chapter Two  Theories of Learning: classical and operant conditioning Ivan Pavlov’s experiment Social Learning Theory shaping + reinforcement, negative/positive vs. punishment Ability Schedules of reinforcement and implications for motivation
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Chapter Three
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Unformatted text preview: Know & understand concepts/definitions of: • Attitudes and their components • Job satisfaction and its effects • Cognitive dissonance How to develop a positive attitude How to potentially assist negative employees Chapter Four Primary determinants of Personality Big Five – What does it predict?? Myers- Briggs Type Indicator Rokeach- Terminal & instrumental Values Hofstede’s dimensions of Culture and applications Concept: Internally vs. externally caused behavior and locus of control Know & understand concepts/definitions of: • Values • Type A Personality • Importance of ethics of organization leaders Chapter Five Know & understand concepts/definitions of: • Halo effect • Self-serving bias Concept: -Attribution Theory-Perception-fundamental attribution error and other common errors-the rational-decision making process...
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310A Study Guide- Test One - Know& understand...

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