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Study Guide Exam 2 - What was the systems theory Who...

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PA 206 Study Guide for Exam 2 Classical Organizational Theory Who is Max Weber and how was he important to public administration and organizational theory? What are the three types of authority? Give example of each Which one was Weber’s main focus and why? What are the 5 elements of Weber’s Bureaucracy? Who is Fredrick Taylor? What were his contributions to classical organization theory? What was Luther Gullick’s POSDCRB? Explain significance Who was apart of the Hawthorne Studies and what were they? Who was Chester Barnard and what were his Communication, Decision Making, and Authority environments Who was Mary Parker Foller and what were her contributions? Modern Organizational Theory What was this time period like? Who were Herbert Simon and Charles Lindblom? What is bounded rationality and the two different approached to decision making? Explain and give examples for all.
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Unformatted text preview: What was the systems theory? Who contributed to it and what contribution did they add? What is a possible problem with the theory? What is the contingency theory by McCurdy? What did he say about organizations lifelines? Explain his research with NASA and its importance Organizational Psychology What are the four question organizational psychologists hoped to answer? Explain Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y types of organizations What was significant about his study? What are Chris Argyris’s theories on treating employees as children? According to Eric Berne, what are the three categories of human action? What is transactional analysis? Explain Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. What is Warren Bennis’s ideas’ of organizations and bureaucratic structures? What were Ralph Hummel’s concerns with organizational psychology?...
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Study Guide Exam 2 - What was the systems theory Who...

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