Exam #1 review - Exam #1 Review Peterson's A Concise...

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Exam #1 Review Peterson’s A Concise History of Christianity -synoptic: referring to the synoptic gospels, the New Testament book of Matthew, Mark, and Luke which tell the story of Jesus from a similar viewpoint. -Nero: emperor from Augustus’ family (54-68). First known persecutions of the Christians began when he was emperor, it is believed that Paul and Peter died in Rome during this era. Ended when Nero was removed from the throne in 68. -Patristic Period: from the Latin word for father, the time of the church fathers (100CE-500CE) when most of the core ideas in Christian theology were formed. -Constantinople: major city, rivalry between it and Rome. Connection to Gregory the Great. Derived from Byzantium, city before Constantinople. -Visigoths: a Germanic tribe, revolted against Roman government, defeated Roman emperor in 378 at Adrianople. Considered a nation within the empire that could not be controlled by the central government. -Tertullian: (160-225) Christian theologian during patristic period. Stressed strict morality. Wrote several works that drew heavily upon pagan philosophy, one of the first to write in Latin. His works serve as resources for historians studying controversies, patterns of worship and Christian morality of the early 3 rd century. Apology is his most famous work, arguing that Christianity should be tolerated by the pagans. -Montanists: a North African group that looked for Christ’s immediate return and practiced asceticism. Ignatius of Antioch: (35-107) one of the apostolic fathers, believed to be a student of John, Jesus’ “beloved disciple.” Strongly defended the idea that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and was truly God made of flesh. Also taught a three-fold division of church leadership into bishops, priests and deacons. Justin Martyr:
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Exam #1 review - Exam #1 Review Peterson's A Concise...

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