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RELI exam review 2

RELI exam review 2 - RELI exam 2 review Names...

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RELI exam 2 review Names: Columba (543-615): -Irish missionary, founded monastery on Iona (island off of Scotland), important place for knowledge and mission activity. Wanted to evangelize Scotland and England. Charlemagne(768-814): -Peppin’s successor. The first of the European kings. Name literally translates to “Charles the Great.” Successful military leader and diplomat, made the Frankish empire. Believed in ruling as a Christian king, based on reading the Old Testament and Augustine’s City of God. Believed that being the king was a “second-hand of God” (society should follow Christian ideals). Supported the church (10% tax on all Christians to go towards church reform). Reform was aided by the papacy. Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne “Emperor of the Romans” because of his strong financial support of the church. Cluny(909-1109): -head monastery, founded by Duke William III in 909. Center of reform movement, the Cluniac reform (when other monasteries started following its lead). One of the first “churches” to be separated from the state. Reform allowed for clergy, bishops and popes the freedom to perform spiritual functions without interference from nobles and kings. Celibacy was a major goal of the movement. Short-lived, overruled by powerful nobles and kings (mainly financial).
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