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psych assignment #2 - Willie Brosnan Psych 231 10/04/07...

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Willie Brosnan Psych 231 10/04/07 Assignment #2 A One thing that wont be taboo in 20 years is atheism or the belief that there is no God. I believe that this will not be a taboo because already in the 21 st century, there is less of a regard for religion. I also don’t think that it will take much to eliminate this taboo, religion already does it for you. Let me start off by saying that I am not an atheist but somewhere in between. Many people I know at school and at work, don’t care much for religion, not to say they are atheist, but that is some evidence that in 20 years, atheism wont be looked down upon. Many people nowadays might say that atheism isn’t really a taboo anyways, but I feel like if someone were to define himself or herself as atheist, then people would actually think that it was odd. Also when it comes to careers or professions, if people are asked what religious affiliation they are, you don’t hear anyone say they are atheist, as their peers would frown them upon. I also feel that more people will not just see atheism as a acceptable, but become
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psych assignment #2 - Willie Brosnan Psych 231 10/04/07...

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