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psych assignment #5 - Willie Brosnan Psych 231 12/4/07...

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Willie Brosnan Psych 231 12/4/07 Assignment #5 A Aggression Aggression stems from many different variables, one being different social factors. These social factors are frustration, provocation and heightened arousal. Most of us can relate to these factors because at one time or another, you have been frustrated or someone has done something to push your buttons. They are some of the most applicable causes of aggression unlike the personal or situational factors. We will explore all three of the social factors in depth. The first factor is frustration. Frustration is basically not getting what you want or expect to get in a certain situation. Say you are trying to fix something that is wrong with your car. It ends up taking you a lot longer than you thought and eventually you have to give up and take out your frustration on the car by kicking it. You didn’t get what you expected which caused frustration. However there is a misconception that frustration always leads to some form of aggression and that aggression always stems from
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psych assignment #5 - Willie Brosnan Psych 231 12/4/07...

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