CHEM 2460 Syllabus Spring 2008

CHEM 2460 Syllabus Spring 2008 - CHEM 2460 Organic...

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CHEM 2460 – Organic Chemistry Laboratory I University of Toledo Spring 2008 Lab Coordinator: Professor James Zubricky Office: WO 3205B Phone: 419.530.2566 Fax: 419.530.4033 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: or by appointment TA Information: Welcome to Organic Chemistry! The purpose of this laboratory course is to introduce students to the techniques that organic chemists (as well as biochemists, physical chemists, etc.) use in their daily routines. After learning and understanding those techniques, students will apply their knowledge to new situations to understand synthesis reactions, molecular structure determination, and analysis of (un)known compounds. Course Goals: Organic chemistry laboratory is important for several reasons. It introduces students to many different laboratory practices and concepts that will be used in subsequent chemistry laboratory classes (CHEM 2470 and beyond) and in other laboratory situations in biology, pharmacy, and chemical engineering (just to name a few!). It is anticipated that by the completion of this course, students will be familiar with all of the following topics and techniques: Safety in the laboratory Interpreting and following scientific directions Keeping a proper lab notebook Names and proper usage of lab instruments Understanding of general properties of compounds (including solubility, miscibility, acid/base chemistry, etc.) Proper usage of glassware Isolation and purification techniques (including filtration, solvent removal, drying solutions, distillations, chromatography (thin-layer, column, and gas) and crystallization/recrystallization) Characterization techniques including spectroscopy and melting point determination Interpretation of scientific results including percent yield and recovery, melting point, boiling point, IR and NMR spectra, and R f values
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Pre- (and Co-) requisites: Students must have completed the General Chemistry sequence before enrolling in this course (CHEM 1230, 1240, 1280, and 1290) with a grade of C or better. Students also are required to be currently enrolled in (or have successfully passed) Organic Chemistry I lecture (CHEM 2410). Please note that withdrawal from CHEM 2410 during the semester will necessitate withdrawal from CHEM 2460. IMPORTANT: If you are (or considering to be) a BA or BS chemistry major, you should be enrolled in CHEM 2480/2490 and/or 2500. Please see Professor Zubricky if you have any questions! Required and Recommended Materials: The following materials are required for this course: Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques: A Microscale Approach by D.L. Pavia, G.M. Lampman, G.S. Kriz and R.G. Engel. 4 th edition (2007), published by Thomson; ISBN: 0-495-01630-6 A laboratory notebook with carbon(less) pages (available at the bookstore) Approved safety goggles (can be purchased from the bookstore). The following materials are
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CHEM 2460 Syllabus Spring 2008 - CHEM 2460 Organic...

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